Wrong model scale when slice

2021-4-12 579


i have a really havy bug in V1.8.1. When i rotate the model, slice and print it the model is allways ~10% bigger.

With thise bug the software is absolut useles.

Can someone confirm thise bug?



I get thise same issue without rotating

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  • 2021-4-12
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    Same issue without rotating!

    Two different Slicer two different model scale. With Photon Workshop is the scale right.

    With Chitubox is the scale wrong.

    Printer settings all the same. No hand scale, no rotation.

    Same issue with 1.8.0

    Please delete all 1.8.xx Versions!!

  • 2021-4-12
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  • Guest 2021-4-26
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    Using Chitubox 1.8.1, if I change the rotation, chitubox does not update the new X, Y, and Z dimensions. Scaling and print dimensions are not valid.