Chitubox Pro keep not responding . Why !

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computer i7 graphix 2070 32gb ram

just buy the pro version loading up the programe not responting x3 time 
I restart computer. 
now loaded in , and it not responding when i try select printer.
How can a pro version running like this ?

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    Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support of CHITUBOX, and we sincerely appreciate your feedback. It is very important for us to fully understand performance issues. Optimizing performance issues such as crashes or delayed operations on CHITUBOX is our top priority. We will definitely solve this problem as soon as possible so that CHITUBOX can run perfectly on most hardware. We will prolong your license. Please tell us your CHITUBOX account and your license and attach the video (please use OBS to record the video, the video must also include Microsoft Notepad, show your CHITUBOX account to prove the video Has been recorded by myself).

    Thank you!

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    I have the 7 day trial and same thing. it takes forever to load and have to keep restarting it
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    Mine gets stuck part way through writing the file, then hangs forever before crashing. It used to work but is now unusable for anything.