Save project overwrites another project when the button is presssed

Guest 2021-6-12 349

Lets say I start a new project and then save it as "dog"  , then I press new project and import a new file. If I then press save, it will still go back and overwrite my first project called dog !!

It seems to always default back to the first project name. I can press new project , then "save all as", and pick a new name called 'cat' and thats saves my new file. 
If I then press "save project" button, it will go back and overwrite my dog project !  Its as if the first name used is not cleared out of memory and is assigned to the save button. Lucky the first project i didnt mind and now i back them all up, but its very worrying to accidentally overwrite projects that might have a lot of time invested in setting supports. V1 and V1.1 so far does this on windows. 

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