ChituBox hangs when opening any dialog box in Win7

Dale Larsen 2019-5-13 1475

I have tried everything from version 1.0 up to version 1.4.0 and the same issue. Chitu Slicer works just fine but Box always hangs if I try to load a file, save a file, or do anything that opens a Windows Dialog box. I can drag and drp a file and it opens fine but cannot save it once supports are added. Very frustrating Searched every combination of "windows, win7, hangs, dialog, opening, file, saving file" etc and see no similar reported issues. Any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • Mr Richard Thomas 2019-5-14
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    I have the same in Win 10. My fix is to press CTRL-ALT-DEL and choose Taskmanager. Then when the Taskmanager starts I can now see the dialoue box in the background and can save etc. No idea of the cause but my workaround does work for me.
  • Dale Larsen 2019-5-14
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    Thanks! Will give it a try...